We, at Preluna, take our customer’s and staff safety very seriously. We have worked hard to make sure we provide a safe, clean environment for you to enjoy your stay with us.  We want you to relax while we take care of your surroundings, so that with us you can have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

We guarantee to you, that we will be adhering to all the government issued guidelines regarding safety and cleaning regulations. We assure you that we will not only adhere to these, but create and maintain higher standards.


AC and Water systems

Legionella and water analyses and certification by external contractor and local authorities.

Preluna Team

All hotel team to be checked for high temperate before entering the hotel to commence their work day.

All hotel team trained and practising

Social distancing.

Regular hand sanitising.

Use of masks or visors.

Not to report for work if feeling sick.

Trained, have and use all the protective equipment needed even in case of an emergency.

Minimal contact possible between hotel guests and the team whilst maintaining social distancing 

Hotel Guests

All hotel guests are being asked to

Undergo a temperate reading on entrance and to self isolate if the temperate is above 37.2 Celsius. The hotel team will then assist in whatever will be needed.

Guests will be asked to sanitise their luggage on arrival using the hotel sanitising wipes.

Maintain social distancing from other guests and hotel staff.

Use the hotel contactless check in procedure to minimise waiting times in reception area and help with social distancing. more information available

on https://www.preluna.com/covid-response/COVID-Safety-and-Precautions

              Use contactless payment methods, whenever possible

              Make use of the inroom facilities especially telephone to contact the hotel team.

On departure leave the room key card in a separate container at the hotel reception desk thst are later on sanitised.

              Use social distancing in elevators (Only people of the same party should use elevator together).

Rooms & Public Areas

Disinfected guest room on arrival and throughout the stay.

Extended room service to include the selling of hand sanitsers, wipes and masks.

              Guest room decluttered of unnecessary items to facilitate cleaning and disinfecting.

              Enhanced and more frequent cleaning and disinfecting of public area and high contact surfaces.

Fresh beach towels replaced and left in guest rooms  

Guest laundry to be collected in soluble laundry bags



              One time use disposables for any room service.

Social distancing in its restaurants and public areas.

Only plated food is served in its restaurants.

Disinfect tables and chairs after each use.

No smoking will be allowed at and within 10 meters of any dining areas both outside and inside.

Disinfect sunbeds after each use.


Mangement Measures to ensure safety

More management presence to ensure procedures are maintained at all times.

24/7 helpline reception desk also accessible by phone.

Ongoing all hotel team training on cleanliness and disinfection.


External Services:

We also provide some services via external suppliers. We will make sure that these companies are adhering to all necessary guidelines to provide a safe service.

Once such company is ECABS, the airport transport company we choose to work with.

Following are their pre booked taxi precautions:

  1. Car sanitisation has been increased both in intensity and frequency. This includes the deployment of hospital grade viral and bacterial disinfectant with a high residual action, utilised in both the full steaming of the vehicles, as well as thorough cleaning with a special focus on door handles, arm rests, seat belts, separators and headrests.
  2. In-vehicle separators have been installed in all cabs to aid social distancing between the driver and the passenger.
  3. During the ride, windows are kept open to retain ventilation within the vehicle.
  4. The Air-recycler is turned off at all times. 
  5. The Air Conditioner (A/C)can be turned on. We go a step further by treating the A/C with the same viral disinfectant.

Malta International Airport

Please follow the link to find out more about the restrictions and safety whilst passing through Malta International Airport: https://www.maltairport.com/covid19/

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you will have to keep your mask on – covering both your nose and mouth – inside the terminal. Only children who are under 6 years of age and people having a valid medical reason are exempt from wearing a face mask. At the terminal, you must dispose of face masks or gloves within the refuse containers provided only.