What better way to end your week., than gathering up with your family and friends over a plentiful Sunday Lunch, for tasty food, and a good glass of wine. Situated on the first floor of the Preluna Hotel you can find the Triton Restaurant, our main restaurant which serves all buffet meals.

Whether you are simply inviting your sipling, or organizing a big family event, or up for a good lunch, here we offer an abundant , authentic variety of food startign off from a vast range of cold antipasti and salads, soup, two types of pasta dishes, three main courses, plus a tasty carvery section with a selection of cooked vegetables and potatoes. 

To top this all up we also have a cheese boad , a selection of homemade desserts and a breathtaking views overlooking Sliema promenade and the Mediterranean Sea. 

No need to hassle for parking, we offer Free parking to our guests.

Prices include a glass of local wine and a glass of water.

Adults: € 25.00 per person

Children 6- 12 years: € 12.50 per child

Price inclusive of VAT & Free Parking

Opening Time: 12:15 hrs- 14:00hrs

Upgrade to All Inclusive Buffet Lunch for only 5 €  per person. 

(Drinks included are: local wine, beer, soft drinks & water)

Please note our lavish Sunday Lunch season will be officially on the 7th October.

For reservations feel free to contact our F&B department on 20121541/1361/1401 or email catering@preluna.com.


Triton Restaurant

Posted On 07 October 2019