Carnival week is one of the most popular events in the Maltese Events Calendar… awaited for by young and older generations alike. With traditional and modern patterns, extravagant, large coloured floats, placed on lorries all ready and set up, to go around the city, giving admirers a feast of colour, and guaranteed fun with the loud, themed music to accompany the float. Children dressed up in fancy costumes, run around and lick their sticky fingers from candy floss and prinjolata. On the other hand Paceville catches the attention of the party goers, where the late night carnival goers, pile into the clubs and bars, still wearing their outrageous outfits.

Valletta is the city where most carnival activities are held, music festivals, costume parades and much more is available for everyone to see, free of charge, in the beautiful streets of Valletta. For a very different kind of carnival many people get the ferry to Gozo, and visit the small village of Nadur, where  carnival gets a twist into a macabre and funnier scene… Carnival in Nadur is known throughout the islands. 

It is time to let loose and have some fun 

24th - 28th February 2017

Gozo Carnival

Posted On 29 January 2016