The Festa season in Malta is made up of a long series of extended weekends, starting from the end of May right through the first few days of September. During this period, there is hardly andy weekend when a town or a village is not celebrating feast of its patron saint or other saints reverred in different churches. Some villages even celebrate more than one patron or saint.

Banners, papier mache statues raised on wooden colums and festoons, decorate the main streets of the specific village or villages where the feast is taking place. The locals of the town or village the add to this festive mood, by decorating their own balconies and rooftops with lit up coloured festoons, depending on the feast or patron they support. Flags are also hoisted on public places and private residences as a sign of participation.

A typical festa lasts about three days or longer. On one of the evenings, one is bound to see hundreds of people is a festive mood... traditional and fast food stalls are found on the streets, to sell their products to the crowds of merry-makers. Typical products are Maltese type nougat, Maltese honey products, local liquorice and other Maltese sweet and savoury delicacies

Locals make sure their homes are looking their best, especially those found in the village core... homes often benefit from a fresh coat of paint too. The interiors may be glimpsed through the open doors and windows, unless your curiosity gets rewarded by an invitation from a family to have a closer look, and if lucky enough a drink...

The evenings usually end with  spectacular ground and aerial fireworks displays in an explosion of colour, firecrackers and loud petards. In the recent years one can also enjoy beautifully syncronised fireworks.

Some famous festas worth visiting:

  • Mqabba - Festa of Our Lady of the Lily
  • Hal Qormi - Festa of St George
  • Nadur, Gozo - Festa of St Peter & St Paul & Mnarja Festival 
  • Sliema - Festa of Our Lady of The Sacred Heart 
  • Rabat - Festa of St Paul 
  • Balluta Bay, St Julians - Festa of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
  • Hamrun - Festa of St Gaetan
  • Mosta, Mqabba, Qrendi, Ghaxaq, Victoria - Gozo - Festa of the Assumption of Our Lady (Santa Marija)
  • Mellieha, Naxxar - Festa of our Lady of Victory

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Posted On 25 July 2015