Memories of My Island

Nicky has lived away from her Island Malta for almost two decades, yet her sense of identity still relies on the memories she has created growing up. During her short visits back home, the fear of forgetting leads her to wander the streets with her camera in search of memories, creating new ones and re-creating old ones. She believes that her Island’s identity lies in its centuries-old streets, houses, and historical places. This identity forms her own.

Nicky’s photography represents mental memories - capturing a moment in time allowing it to live as long as possible, even forever. She uses contrast, color, shapes, and light to visualize what she recalls, while dark shadows, negative space, and silhouettes mask forgotten parts.

Viewers are invited to create their own memories while rekindling old ones through hers.

This exhibition is supported by Malta Postal Museum and iLab Photo Ltd.

Memories of My Island’ runs from 23rd July through 13th August, 2022. The exhibition will be held at the Malta Postal Museum & Arts Hub, 135, Archbishop Street, Valletta. The museum is open from Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm and Saturdays between 10am to 2pm. Entrance is free.


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